Spring Break and the Actor

I am an actor.

I used to be married to an actress, but now I am married to an educator. (Same lady, different professional.) It’s nice to be married to a teacher, because I get more a sense of a set schedule. As an actor, I don’t really have one. I never have any idea what production where is going to start when and suddenly decide I’m the guy. So, scheduling for me is very amorphous. My wife’s, however, is a classic. Teachers don’t get paid shit, but at least they get plenty of days off to hang with their needy husbands and children.

We are planning a week away during the summer, so we decided to do the Los Angeles “staycation” this time around. So much can happen during a staycation! It’s really quite amazing. I was lucky this year (or unlucky depending on your perspective) to have very few auditions and no gigs for the whole week my wife and son were home from school. We got to spend a lot of time together as a family during the day, and my wife and I got to be social at night. And we slept in every day. I’m old and groggy regardless of what time I get up, but I much prefer the old and groggy that happens when I wake up at nine instead of seven. Probably doesn’t look much different on the outside, but I can feel it within.

So, we watched movies and went on hikes and checked out some local family-friendly scenes during the days. We went out to dinner and went to clubs and did some creative stuff at night. We spend a buttload of money on babysitters. It was worth every penny. Here are a few highlights of our old married couple evenings out:

1) We went out to dinner at a hipster burger joint in Sherman Oaks with a couple of friends. We sat at a “communal table” which I don’t particularly care for. We drank beer that was entirely to hoppy. We had burgers covered with so many varieties of overbearing cheeses that they were really too rich to enjoy. Didn’t matter, though, because it was all about the company. Our friends were fun and easy, and my wife will forever be my favorite person to be with, even in the worst of environments.

2) My wife and I did an episode of my web series together. (Check it here: http://geeknation.com/videos/the-film-pigs-ep-139-love-and-light/) Before we shot the episode at the GeekNation studio, we hit happy hour at MacLeod’s brewery. It’s a microbrewery that opened up next to the studio, nestled along with website’s space amongst dozens of auto body shops. The beer was delicious. The sketch was difficult to shoot after a couple pints. We laughed, we were irreverent, we had a damn good time.

3) I’ve done a storytelling evening called “Public School” a bunch of times, but this was the first time I did one my wife could actually come to. (She doesn’t co out on school nights. She is very responsible.) I told a story, and she liked it, and she really loved the whole evening. She knew a lot of the storytellers from various shows I’ve done, so that made it double fun.  Oh, yeah, and we drank more beer.

4) We finally saw the movie “Springbreakers.” No, it’s not good. It’s an overdone exploitation film that somehow doesn’t have enough gratuitous female nudity to make it really worthwhile (it has a lot.) But it did provide us with a reason to go back and watch an old sketch I had done for my internet show that made fun of it. Turns out, without having actually seen the film, I completely nailed it.

5) And one time, while our son was out at a play date, we walked to a local bar in the bright afternoon and caught a good, proper buzz. Guess what we drank? Wrong. Tequila. (Okay, and beer.)

So. Not enough wet t-shirt contests and keg stands, but hey, I’m super old.


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