Awkward Situations and the Actor

A couple weeks back I was in New Orleans to celebrate my brother’s 40th birthday. I love New Orleans. It’s vibrant and musical and full of mystery. It also has this crazy energy to it that makes me feel like I’m in college again, so I drink like I’m twenty-one even though my family is […]


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Feast, Famine, and the Actor

Anyone who has made a living or tried to make a living as an artist knows about the cyclical nature of money coming in. Sometimes a bunch of money comes in. Sometimes no money at all comes in. When it doesn’t come in, insecurities rise and panic kicks in and the wonderings about ever working […]

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I am an actor living in Los Angeles (as many actors seem to be.)  I’ve appeared on such television shows as CSI, Will & Grace, Bones, Judging Amy, The Guardian, and Clueless.  I’ve also appeared in such feature films as Blast from the Past, Adam & Steve, National Lampoon presents Repli-Kate, and the modern American classic, Devil in the Flesh 2.  And if that isn’t enough for you, I’ve been in more than sixty national commercials, including a Superbowl spot that was voted most popular of the year.  I have two of my own webseries at and, and I am the lead in an upcoming feature film which will be premiered as a web series called Fuzz Track City.  I have written a book called Don’t Act: 101 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t which I am premiering right here on this blog.  I’m also working on a horror novel called The Last Road Trip which I hope to self publish early next year (unless someone wants to pay me for the privelege of publishing it, which I am open to.)  I’ve also written eleven screenplays, all of which can be downloaded from my website,  (And if you have several million dollars to blow and would like to produce one of them, please let me know.)  There are also some lovely photos on the website, although I have yet to post any of the nudes.

Try to understand, I’m a magic man.