Business Trips and the Actor

I am an actor.

And yeah, I know, I promised myself I’d write some kind of dumb blog entry every week, but last week I didn’t get to it. I had to go to Hawaii. Life is tough sometimes and a man has to go away on business. It was a pretty good business trip as far as trips go. I got to work on a television show I enjoy and with a bunch of actors I admire. I got to have lunch with an old high school buddy. I went out and got drunk with this semi-famous funny person. I went on a few hikes in the jungle and by the ocean. I went to Pearl Harbor and was awed and humbled by the history there. And, of course, I drank a few Mai Tais here and there because legally you have to when you go to Hawaii.

Now I’m back. And it’s weird. For one, when they fly you out to another state and put you up, the acting union regulations say it’s all got to be a first class affair. I would never spend the money on first class travel and accommodations myself, because it’s too damn expensive. When another entity is essentially forced to pay for it, well then, it’s a good time. Also, when you work on an episodic for a big network, all the production people treat you like you are special. (Very different than the commercials I usually work on.) In essence, you are treated like royalty. As if you are important. Now, I’ve never been all that comfortable being treated as anything other than a guy doing a job, but it is still a bit jarring to return to the daily grind after a surreal week of living like some kind of star.

I’m not complaining. In fact, I kind of like my daily grind in the end. It’s good to get away from it time to time in order to appreciate it, but I do like the grind. I think I like it mostly because my family is here, and while a week in Hawaii by myself is probably one of the better “by myself” experiences I could have, I was still by myself. I didn’t get to see my wife every evening after work. I didn’t get to hug my son and tuck him in. I missed those things. A lot.


I’m back and trying to tuck back in to the usual nonsense. Of course, I have no auditions today, so I already feel like my career is probably over. Perhaps the Hawaii thing was the universe’s big send-off of my days as an actor. (I mean, I know that’s not really true, but it always feels that way for us insecure actor types.) I am also back on forcing myself to write things like this, and some stories I’m working on, including one about monsters that I am writing just for my kid because he likes those Goosebumps books (of course, if I ever finish the thing he’ll probably already be too old for it.) And I’m back trying to coordinate some podcasting and my web series resumes production tomorrow evening.

In a lovely bit of news, we were able to book Danielle Harris on the Film Pigs on If you don’t know, she’s an actress who started as a child in movies like Halloween 4 and The Last Boy Scout. As an adult, she’s created a career for herself as a horror icon, a “scream queen.” I’ve never met her before, but I am very familiar with her work as I am a horror junkie. I always get nervous when I have to write sketches for people that I don’t actually know but enjoy as a movie watcher. Will she like it? Will she think my satire is toothless? Will she dislike the way she is written? I hope she likes it. I really do. If she thinks what I wrote sucks I’ll have to write something else, I suppose. Through a storm of tears and gut wrenching sobs.

The point is, I’m back. I’m not in Hawaii. I’m with my family and friends, where I’m supposed to be. And again, I’m really sorry I didn’t post anything last week. Let me make it up to you with this picture of cute dolphins living in captivity in a high-priced Hawaiian resort, being fed fish by women in wetsuits :dolhins


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