Dr. Vernon Barbara and the Actor

I am an actor.

Sometimes I even get to act. I’ve written about working on You’re the Worst before, but now the second season is under way and I’ve been asked back to reprise my role of Vernon. So, here I write more. I worked my first day on season two last week, and something struck me when I saw the name “Vernon” on a little sign on the door for my honey wagon room. It was written in the same elegant font from the show’s title sequence. What struck me was how good it felt to be back, and how good it felt to be stepping back into the shoes of this completely douchey aging frat boy doctor guy.

I’ve often said I don’t care if I ever get any awards for my work. And I don’t. Sounds like bullshit, I suppose, but for me the work itself is the award. It’s not easy getting acting gigs. An actor pours a lot of energy and concentration into every single audition that ends in rejection, let alone the parts you actually book. So Vernon is special for me. The best place an actor can find himself in is one where he plays a character he completely understands, constructed by writers who completely understand the character as well as the energies of the actor who plays him. It’s what they call a dream come true, I figure.

And this show is a comedy. When the writers love to write the funny bits for your character, and you get those pages, and you can’t wait to get it up on its feet, that is victory. (I’ve of course seen a couple episode scripts at this point, and this season is going to be hilarious if they are any indication.) When comedy makes sense to me on the page, which is not always, and it makes me laugh out loud, that is what any actor strives for. The shoot itself is the fruits of a lot of labor, and it can feel like a celebration. It is the award. You see what I’m putting down, here. So I’m glad that name is up on a door, and I’m glad I’m still the actor that gets into Vernon’s wardrobe behind that door.

But the gift isn’t that sign that says Vernon. It is Vernon himself.

And I can’t wait for you to see it!

The sign is really nice, though.


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