Fuzz Track City and the Actor, Dispatch One

I have what can only be described as great news.

I played the lead in a little indie picture called Fuzz Track City and it has been selected to screen as part of the Dances with Films festival at the Mann Chinese Six, June 4th at 7:15pm. I am currently attempting to launch an internet campaign to make as many people as I can aware that it is happening, and they should come and check it out. There is no money for billboards, so all I have is Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and WordPress. Word of mouth, I believe they call it. I don’t normally push so hard to get people in the seats, I like to leave that up to other people, but I am particularly proud of my work in this movie and given that this is a one-time event, the world premiere, I would like the theater to be sold out. I know how many times I’ve been asked to go to see friends plays and movies, and ninety percent of the time it is kind of a lousy experience. So I certainly understand trepidation on your part, but I assure you this is an entertaining picture.

The cast assembled for this thing, and these are all people who worked for essentially nothing, is kind of astounding. I was in almost every scene in the movie, but I never felt the pressure a lot of starring actors might feel, but rather felt like a very lucky supporting player who got to be in a lot of great scenes with great actors. Dee Wallace (E.T., The Howling, Cujo,) Leon Russom (The Big Lebowski, True Grit,) Abby Miller (Justified,) Tarina Pouncy, Dave Florek (Priest, CSI) Josh Wingate (Priest,) Josh Adell, Kelly Van Kirk, Jeremy Luc, Brent Tarnol, Adam Paul, Gabrielle Stone, Sean Wing, Matthew Ashford (Days of Our Lives)…can you imagine? I learned something about how to act from every single one of them…and if I had more of an ego, I might be worried they’re upstaging me. But it is always a pleasure to work with the truly talented, and I got lucky on this one.

Of course, most of the credit goes to one Mr. Steve Hicks, the writer and director and editor and producer of this picture. He bet a lot of his own money on the project, and I can’t imagine a movie coming out better than this one. Shot on a micro-budget, the thing plays like a million bucks (well, really twenty million as far as movie budgets go.) I would do any project with this man at any time for any amount of cash (zero cash, in the case of Fuzz Track City.)

I felt extremely fortunate just for the chance to work on this movie, but I feel a bit like I won the lottery in that I’ll get to see it on a big screen…in a theater packed with people. Because you are going to come, right?

Here’s the trailer: http://vimeo.com/41979658

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