Racism and The Actor

Am I miffed and confused as to why Mel Gibson has been hired to do a cameo in The Hangover 2? Hell, yeah. And, yes, part of it is petty jealousy. I would like a part in that movie, it would do wonders for my career. But I guess that’s why Gibson nabbed it for himself. His career is no longer circling the drain, it is now being gobbled up by the garbage disposal (and it’s sad for me as a movie lover, too, because I can no longer bring myself to revisit his old action pictures, they are so tainted by his current behaviours.) Why is he being rewarded? Why is he being given another chance? I don’t know. He has friends in high places, I suppose, who can forgive him. And the concept that the first Hangover movie helped Mike Tyson’s tattered image is part of Gibson’s reasoning, I imagine, and whoever it is in a position of power who thinks he’s worth helping. (I personally still think Tyson is no good, and I didn’t think he was that funny in the movie, despite the fact that I thought the picture was a good time. Whatever, though, that’s just me.) But why not help someone else? A no-name perhaps, still clinging to his dreams while pushing forty, who hasn’t yet been recorded threatening his baby momma while spewing endless racist rants?

But, luckily, there is hope for the future. I can’t tell you on what project it is, because I’m pretty sure I signed some kind of confidentiality agreement, and I can’t tell you what it’s about, but I think I can get away with telling you this: I am doing a commercial, and my wife in the spot is of Asian descent. And the people responsible didn’t think anything of it when the woman playing my wife mentioned how cool she thought it was to have been cast with a white husband. In other words, they didn’t think about it. They didn’t consider it. That, folks, as far as I can tell, is a complete lack of racism. And if that trend continues with other advertisers, and the integration of couples and families becomes simply what you see from commercial to commercial, then congratulations, America, you have officially evolved!

That just strikes me as good, good news. I wish I could give a shout out to all the companies involved, but…confidentiality agreement. Oh, well.

Mel Gibson can go and eat shit, by the way.

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