Dad and the Actor

I just posted on this blog, but I felt compelled to write again right away. After writing about my confusion over screening test scores, my very own father sent me the world’s greatest email in which he explained the math to me:

 1 – Loved You

 2 – Liked You

3- Sort of Liked You

4 – disliked

5 – Hated You

If 100% of the people were favorable and spread evenly over 1,2, and 3, you would have a 2.0 rating.

If 97% were favorable and spread evenly over 1,2, and 3 and the other 3% hated you (5), it would be close to 2.1.

Why do you think only 50% were favorable? Why is that any different from the picture?

It seems that you and the picture received the same score.


I hadn’t seen it! In my insecure actor’s state, I didn’t put the two scores together, but rather saw them as seperate entities. I haven’t thought in percentages since high school! I feel like a fool! 

So, once again, my father gives me not only a much needed lesson in math, but he turns the negative into the positive just like that! He’s a scientist, his field of expertise making his son feel better.

 Thanks, Dad! I love you!

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